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Film Making Workshop


Learning is based around short films & entire course is very practical oriented with each student getting ample hands-on experience. The DSLR has opened-up exciting frontiers in filmmaking. The amazing power of the DSLR to capture high-quality HD video has caught the fancy of filmmakers all across the world. With the advent of digital age, the affordable DSLRs brought professional filmmaking within the reach of the common man. These small but powerful cameras fuelled the imagination of thousands of creative minds, passionate about filmmaking. Even well known filmmakers have begun using the DSLR to make TV commercials and feature films.

While there is a huge interest in independent filmmaking in India, there are hardly any creatively driven and technologically sound courses for DSLR filmmaking in India. For all those passionate about Independent filmmaking, Delhi college of Photography brings one of the most unique and exciting DSLR filmmaking courses. Keeping with the spirit of Independent filmmaking, DCOP’s filmmaking course prepares the students to become complete filmmakers, who will be able to create professionally made films with highest production quality even on a limited budget. Professional filmmakers, cinematographers, sound designers, editors, etc, who are all working professionals in the film industry will guide and empower the students to create high-quality, broadcast standard films from their DSLR cameras with the effective use of knowledge and improvisation.




All students learn all the important film-making skills, and must practise them in a working unit. There is no film career, which is not greatly enriched by an active practical knowledge of the other specialisations. Our workshop continued the most essentials followings topics to proceed you on the right track of film-making;

  • Improvisations
  • Ice breaking Sessions
  • Develop Team spirit
  • Language of cinema
  • Types of shots
  • Shot division
  • Cinematography
  • Depth of Field
  • Depth of focus
  • Camera Composition
  • Camera angle
  • Film Editing
  • Narrative structure
  • Continuity and its types
  • Order of shot
  • Duration of shots
  • 360’Degree Rule
  • Pre-production, production and post production


  • Should be creative one.
  • Computer Basic Knowledge
  • Passion to do something good
  • Computer Basic training will be given.



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